IOI Technology Corporation manufactures high-performance storage access solutions for transferring and managing data and digital content. IOI's storage solutions are designed to work with networks, servers, workstations, or desktops to produce high-performance results. 

The Company first manufactured SCSI (Small Computer System Interface), a technology that enabled end-users to easily connect their PCs, Macs, servers and workstations to storage devices and peripherals. Today, the Company has progressed to produce high-speed and cost-effective I/O solutions using 1394 technology and USB (Universal Serial Bus) standards as well. 

IOIˇ¦s mission is to provide cost-effective solutions to meet high performance requirements and to fulfill customersˇ¦ quality, service, and delivery goals. The Companyˇ¦s strengths include design and manufacturing of high-performance, high-quality I/O solutions. All of IOI's products are warranted for quality, reliability, and compatibility.

IOI corporate headquarters and its design and manufacturing operations are located in Taipei, Taiwan. IOI distributes products in 18 countries throughout Europe and Asia.

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