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  • Performs Ultra Wide SCSI bus transfers in single-ended:
    Fast SCSI (8 bit)
    ????????? - 5 MB/s Asynchronous (10 MB/s with UltraSCSI)
    ????????? - 10 MB/s Synchronous (20 MB/s with UltraSCSI)
    Fast and Wide SCSI (16 bit)
    ????????? - 10 MB/s Asynchronous (20 MB/s with UltraSCSI)
    ????????? - 20 MB/s Synchronous (40 MB/s with UltraSCSI)
    Maximum SCSI Transfer performance:
    ????????? -160 MB/s Synchronous Ultra Wide SCSI (40 MB/s per channel)
    ????????? - 80 MB/s Synchronous Ultra SCSI (20 MB/s per channel)
  • Use only one IRQ for Quad UltraSCSI channels
  • Provide Flash EEPROM, make the SCSI BIOS upgradeable
  • Provides ASPI manager for DOS, Windows 3.1x and NT for third party applications
  • Support MO in BIOS & Driver for 512, 1024 and 2048 bytes per sector
  • Connection up to 60 devices on UltraWide or up to 28 devices on Ultra.
  • Includes SmartSCSI & Easi-Install
  • Conncetors:
    ?? Channel A: One External HD 50pin Connector
    ???????????????????? One Internal 68pin and 50pin Connector
    ?? Channel B: One Internal 68pin and 50pin Connector
    ?? Channel C: One Internal 68pin and 50pin Connector
    ?? Channel D: One Internal 68pin and 50pin Connector
  • Support for all popular operating systems
    DOS/Windows 3.1x
    Windows 95/98
    Windows NT 4.0, 3.51
    NetWare 4.1x, 3.1x
    OS/2 4.0, 3.0
    Linux (source codes provided)

Designed with extreme connectivity in mind, the Initio UltraConnect series PCI Quad-channel Ultra/UltraWide SCSI bus master host adapter sets an unprecedented new connectivity standard. Supporting connections for up to 60 UltraWide SCSI or up to 28 UltraSCSI devices, the INI-9400 UltraConnect delivers up to four times the performance and more than eight times the connectivity of conventional Fast SCSI.

The Initio UltraConnect series supports the latest Ultra SCSI and Ultra Wide SCSI standards, transferring dataat up to 40 MB/s per independent channel, and takes advantage of the 133 MB/s burst rate of the PCI bus to provide unmatched I/O performance. The INI-9400U/UW series supports all popular network operating systems including NetWare and Windows NT. Support for DOS and Windows is built into the intelligence of the UltraConnect series.

While the Initio INI-9500U series host adapters are capable of keeping pace with the most demanding applications, they offer complete compatibility with you existing SCSI peripherals. You can combine up to sixty SCSI-1, SCSI-2, SCSI-3, or Ultra SCSI peripherals for optimum performance and value in I/O demanding applications such as CD-ROM servers, video-ondemand and imaging systems.

The UltraConnect series host adapters feature SmartSCSI, a user-friendly, BIOS-resident setup utility that allows the user extreme control to boot from any channel, as well as individual device configuration and host adapter termiantion, all via the keyboard. Easi-Install makes your SCSI software installation under DOS and Windows simple and painless.

The UltraConnect series host adapters include both auto-configuration and auto-termination for Plug-and-Play installations in PCI based systems. The INI-9400U series host adapters will run in Intel compatible, DEC Alpha and PowerPC platforms implementing the PCI bus.

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