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Wide Ultra SCSI Cable

Connecting Internal Wide Ultra SCSI Peripheral
Cable Part No. CB-012

Wide Ultra SCSI 68-pin Male x 7 Internal Flat Cable
( 93 cm; M43M10M10M10M10M10M )

The CB-012 cable is for wide connection. It allows you to connect the SCSI host adapter with six internal type Wide SCSI peripheral . If you have more than six Wide peripherals, you will need to change another Wide cable with enough connectors to accommodate all of your Wide peripherals.

The following steps will guide you to connect your internal Wide peripheral:

Step 1
Unpack and Locate the Wide SCSI 68-pin Internal Flat Cable in the package.

CB012 Image1

Step 2
Plug J1 connector ( the long of the cable ) to the Wide connector on the SCSI Card.

CB012 Image2

1. J1~J7 are with Strain Relief pull tab paper.
2. With the help of pull tab paper not only make it easier to pull out the cable from device but also protect the cable for longer life cycle.

Step 3
Plug the remaining connectors to your internal Wide Ultra SCSI peripherals.

CB012 Image3

Application :
This CB-012 is a 68-pin Ultra Wide Internal Flat cable for Advanced User. This cable is for use with any Ultra Wide Host Adapter with an 68-pin Wide Ultra Connection. Recommended for Ultra Wide SCSI higher frequency applications. This 93 cm, seven-connector( one for the host adapter and six peripheral ).It provides an easy solution for connecting internal SCSI peripheral.


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