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LVD TwistNFlat Cable

Connecting Internal Ultra-2 SCSI Peripheral
Cable Part No. CB-053
Internal LVD TwistNFlat Expansion Cable
( 23 cm; M10.5M12.5M1.5F )

The CB-053 cable is for Ultra-2 LVD ( Low Voltage Differential ) or Single Ended connection.If you have more than two Wide Ultra-2 peripherals, you will need to obtain an CB-052 Wide Ultra-2 Expansion cable to increase enough connectors or you will need to change another Wide Ultra-2 cable with enough connectors to accommodate all of your Wide Ultra-2 peripherals.

The following steps will guide you to connect your internal Wide Ultra-2 peripheral:

Step 1
Unpack and Locate the Internal LVD TwistNFlat Expansion Cable in the package.

CB053 Image1

Step 2
Plug J1 connector (the end of the cable) to the Internal LVD TwistNFlat cable .?

CB053 Image2

1. J4 is an External connection for additional devices or expansion cable .
2. With the help of pull tab paper not only make it easier to pull out the cable from device but also protect the cable for longer life cycle.

Application :
This CB-053 is a 68-pin Ultra Wide TwistNFlat cable. This cable is for use with any of LVD Host Adapter and to extend the of CB-051 and CB-052 with an 68-pin Wide Ultra-2 Connection. Recommended for LVD SCSI higher frequency applications. The Terminator on the cable terminates the end of the Internal SCSI bus, eliminating worries about eripheral termination. This 23 cm, four-connector ( four peripheral ), It provides an easy solution for connecting internal SCSI peripheral.


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