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LVD / SE Terminator

LVD and SE Multi-mode Terminator
Terminator Part No. T-003
LVD / SE Multi-Mode Terminator
( External Typ

The T003 Terminator is for LVD ( Low Voltage Differential ) or SE
(Single Ended ) Termination . This terminator may connect an external host adapter and recommended for both single ended and differential terminator. The initiator ( normally host adapter ) supplier power to the terminator and must be capable of maintaining the minimum required voltage, at the terminator, of 4.25 volts for single- ended applications and 4.00 volts for differential applications. Most SCSI applications will work very well with one of the terminator.

The following steps will guide you to connect your terminator :

Step 1
Unpack and Locate the External Terminator in the package.


Step 2
Plug Terminator to the host adapter peripheral .


1. External male Terminator connect to the host adapter peripheral.
2. OFF =Power OFF/HVD Detected.

Application :
This T-003 is a 68-position External Male type Terminator. Terminator must be present at both ends of the SCSI bus. The SCSI bus behaves as an electrical transmission line and must be properly terminated at each end to prevent reflections when signal reach the end of the bus. The magnitude of the reflections will depend on the impedance mismatch between the cable and the terminator.


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