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Desktop Software RAID 0 & 1
- Mirror your critical data and stripe your applications -

What is I/O_Pro ?

  • I/O_Pro is Software RAID for Desktop Market
  • Developed for Microsoft WinNT & Windows
  • Runs on IOI Single & Dual channel UltraSCSI Host Adapters
  • I/O_Pro offers:
    1. Scalability
    2. Data Availability & Performance
    3. Mirroring (RAID-1) and Striping (RAID-0)
    4. Bootable Array
    5. GUI Event Viewer
    6. Support for Pass through devices such as CDROM and tape
    7. Auto_Wizard for fresh Installations
    8. Array Management through BIOS

I/O_Pro Scalability

  • RAID functionality can be turned ON/OFF through BIOS
  • Supports 4 Independent Arrays
  • Arrays can span/stripe across multiple Cards
  • Arrays can span across 4 channels
  • Supports up to 14 disks per Array
  • Supports 4K to 1M stripe size
  • Supports CD-ROM, Tape, and CDR
  • Load Balancing under RAID-1, RAID-10

Use RAID-0 for Performance

  • I/O_Pro offers striping (i.e. RAID-0) to increase performance of I/O Read & Write functions

  • Targeted for applications using large size files such as desktop publishing & CAD software

  • Accelerates sustained Read/Writes by 70%

  • Striping across channels or cards allowed

  • Strip size range from 4K to 1M

  • Support uneven striping for efficient utilization of total available disk drive space


Striping of Unequal disk drives

  • I/O_Pro allows efficient use of all the striped disks


    Example: 7G RAID-0 partition w/ 3 uneven disks


Use RAID-1 for Availability

  • I/O_Pro offers disk mirroring (RAID-1) for data availability

  • Targeted for Mission Critical desk top applications which require data availability without complexity of RAID-5 (Distributed parity)

  • Requires Even number of disk drivesI/O Read Performance is High

  • Supports Hot Spare, Hot Unplug, and Hot Fix

  • Supports Load BalancingSupports automatic reconstruction

Use RAID-10 for Performance & Availability

  • I/O_Pro offers disk striping & mirroring (RAID-10) for Excellent performance and best data availability
  • Requires minimum of four disk drives
  • Supports Hot Spare, Hot Unplug, and Hot Fix
  • Supports Load Balancing
  • Supports automatic reconstruction

I/O_Pro Array Management

  • Array Management functions available in BIOS

  • Array Management Supports:
    - Array creation, initialization, and deletion
    - Array verification and Reconstruction
    - Device management like add/delete hot spare
    - Disk Hot Copy
    - Two Levels of Password protection
    - Auto detects defected Arrays & suggests possible actions

  • Auto_Wizard function assists novel users to initialize and configure arrays (Available during fresh installations)
  • No DOS diskette required for Array Configurations

No DOS diskette required for Array Configurations

  • Arrays can be configured to boot the system

  • Fully configurable through BIOS

  • No Special DOS diskette required

  • I/O_Pro can be turned ON or OFF from BIOS

  • Array management functions in BIOS

  • Format new disk, verify, and scan disks for defect

  • Configure the H/A parameters such as:
    - Synchronous Transfer speed
    - Wide/Narrow negotiation,
    - SCSI Parity check
    - SCSI termination, etc.

GUI Event viewer

  • This module can be used to view Array events under WinNT or Windows
  • GUI reports following events per each Array:
    - Member failures
    - Rebuild status: Start Time / %Done / Hot Spare
    - Critical State of Array, if any
  • Automatic Reconstruction
  • Filtering function for reports
  • Audio alert for disk drive failures
  • Easy to access icon present on the bottom of the screen

Striping (RAID-0)

Example: Two Drive Striping (RAID-0)

Mirroring (RAID-1)

Example: Two Drive Mirroring (RAID-1)

Striped-Mirrored Set (RAID-10)

Example: Four Drive Striped-Mirrored (RAID-10)

For other RAID information, click here to check it out.

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