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Dual-Channel Wide Ultra2 SCSI 64 bit PCI
- for your high bandwidth servers and workstations -

It is for optimum performance and value in I/O demanding applications such as Video-On-Demand, image-processing systems, power desktops, CD-ROM, and database servers.

The evolution for designers and users to consider the user of multiple SCSI channels began with installing two or more SCSI-to-PCI host adapters in a single computer. It progressed with the first generation of dual-channel host adapters, where a single add-in card provided dual-channel capabilities.

Generations of PCI-SCSI Host Adapter

First standardized in 1986, the original SCSI is an 8-bit parallel I/O bus capable of connecting seven peripherals such as hard disk, tape, and CD-ROM drives to PCs and workstation. The original SCSI standard transferred a single byte per bus cycle and operated in synchronous mode at a maximum rate of 5 MB/s. A doubling of bus speed to 10 MB/s was the primary feature of Fast-SCSI-2. Fast-Wide SCSI-2 increased the bus width to 16 bits and effectively doubled the bus speed once again to a maximum of 20 MB/s during the data transfer operational phase. Ultra SCSI doubles the speed again, to 20 MB/s using the 8-bit interface, and 40 MB/s using the 16-bit interface. Furthermore, Wide Ultra2 doubles twice more the ultra SCSI speed, to 40MB/s using the 8-bit interface, and 80MB/s using the 16-bit interface.

IOI-5201 Dual-Channel Wide Ultra2 PCI SCSI Evolution


  • Two independent channels to double the data transfer rates

Utilizing the power of the SymBios 53C896 Ultra-2 PCI-SCSI I/O processor, the IOI-5201 doubles the overall SCSI throughput and bandwidth resulting in better host CPU utilization.

  • Full backward compatibility with existing SCSI devices and ability to separate slower legacy devices from the UltraSCSI screamer

In addition to supporting the latest SCSI standard, the IOI-5201 is fully backward compatible with your existing SCSI devices. Separating low speed SCSI devices such as scanners, tape and magneto-optical drives from your high speed UltraWide SCSI hard disks allows for more efficient utilization of the SCSI bus and better overall system performance.

  • More connectivity

IOI-5201 connects up to 30 UltraWide or 14 UltraSCSI drives without decreasing the performance. There are more connectivity compared to single-channel adapters.

  • Enable to boot from any SCSI channel

With the UltraConnect series, you are no longer limited booting from a single SCSI channel. You can combine up to thirty bootable devices on any channel at any SCSI ID. It's good for Multi-OS system platform.

  • Use only one IRQ for both UltraSCSI channels

By supporting multiple UltraSCSI channels through a single IRQ, IOI-5201 frees up available IRQ for other system resources.

  • Free up valuable PCI slots in the system.

The first SCSI-to-PCI host adapters were single-channel subsystems. To implement two SCSI channels in a computer system, you had to buy and install two host adapters. Along with the expense of two host adapters, this was often impractical due to limited bus slots and restricted loading requirements for the PCI bus. IOI-5201 is designed to save available slots in your computer system.

IOI-5201: Dual-Channel Wide Ultra2 Strengths

  • 64-bit PCI BUS
    - applied to current 32-bit PCI slot
    - best choice for future 64-bit mother board
  • One PCI Slot & One IRQ
  • Dual channels (A & B):
    SCSI bus transfers in either
    - LVD: 80MB/s Ultra2SCSI
    - Single Ended: 40MB/s UltraSCSI

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