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One gigabyte equals 1,073,741,824 bytes (1,000 Megabytes). Abbreviated GB.

Gold Disc
The recordable disc used in recordable CD systems. The blank disc is made of a bottom layer of polycarbonate with a preformed track spiral which the recording laser follows when inscribing information onto the disc. This type of disc is therefore also called pre-grooved. A translucent layer of recordable material is laid on top of the polycarbonate, then a reflective layer of gold. On top there are thin layers of   lacquer and label.

General Protection Fault. In Windows, the memory protection hardware detected an illegal memory instruction from a program, causing the program to crash.

Generic Packetized Protocol. A method for transferring groups of data that is independent of the type of hardware used, hence the name generic.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)
A way of interacting with a computer, based on graphics instead of text. GUIs use icons, pictures, and menus, and use a mouse as well as a keyboard to accept input. MacOS, MS Windows, and the X windowing system all use GUIs. Contrast with Command Line Interfaces (CLI).

Green Book of CD
Physical format for CD-I, Defined in 1986.


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