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SCSI Terminology  

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A network operating system developed by Novell Corporation.

A collection of devices, such as computers and printers, that are connected together.   A network is a tool for communication that allows users to store and retrieve information, share printers, and exchange information.

Network layer
The part of the Internet protocols concerned with traansferring data between systems which are not connected to each other.

The link between initiator, target, and logical unit used to identify an I/O process.  An I_T_L (initiator, target, logical unit) nexus is the most basic type of SCSI link. To send multiple I/O processes to the same target and logical unit, an I_T_L_Q (initiator, target, logical unit, queue) nexus is used.

Unwanted and usually interfering electrical signals.

Native Signal Processing. A new technology is becoming more popular in today's PC Industry. Since the processing speed of Pentium Processor is getting faster and faster, through the emerging of NSP technology, the Pentium Processor can perform the traditional DSP (Digital Signal Processing) function, NSP will move signal processing functions to Pentium Processor, thus it reduces the redundant hardware. Since the DSP is a  quite expensive component, the NSP technology will dramatically save the system hardware cost and will improve the ease of use and manageability.

Non-Volatile Random Access Memory. Actually an EEPROM (Electronically Erasable Read Only memory chip) used to store configuration information. See EEPROM.


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