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SCSI Terminology  

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A 68-wire cable used in conjunction with a P-cable for 32-bit SCSI-3 buses.

A list of files that have been sent to a device such as a printer.

The list indicates the file currently being acted on by the device (printed) and those waiting to be acted on (printed).

Queue Tags
A way to keep track of multiple commands that allows for increased throughput on the SCSI bus.

Grouping a series of commands in order to send them as a single command, thereby reducing data transfer overhead.

QIC (Quarter-Inch Cartridge)
QIC cartridges can hold from 40MB to 1.35GB of data. Data is recorded by running tape past a stationary head at up to 3 meters per second (120 inches per second).  The tape runs in one direction to record even numbered tracks and in the opposite direction to record odd numbered tracks. Data is recorded on up to 26 alternate tracks.  QIC tape drives can read data in either direction, and therefore, the drive can read   information faster than it can write information.

Quarter-Inch Cartridge
See QIC.


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