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Voluntary Control Council for Interference.

Video Electronics Standards Association. A standards body that promotes video hardware and software specifications. VESA is also the organization governing the VL-bus. 

The VESA Local Bus standard - VL Bus - was formally announced on August 28, 1992. Industry acceptance was instant. In fact, because preliminary specifications had been circulating for months, compatible products were announced immediately.

VL Bus gave the PC industry what it wanted most: a standardized connector and protocol for a local bus expansion system for PCs. Inherent in that standard is the potential for interchangeable display adapters (and other expansion boards) that allow for a free and open market for new peripherals. Although originally targeted at advanced video systems, the resulting specification was made broad enough to be equally adept at handling other peripherals requiring high bandwidth transfers such as mass storage and network interfaces.

Reflecting the introduction of the 64-bit Pentium in 1993, VESA developed a second generation VL Bus standard (Version 2.0). Besides broadening the bus and clarifying details, the revised specification redefines the maximum number of VL Bus permitted in a single circuit.

Very High Density Cable Interconnect. A trapezoidal shielded connector that has a 0.8mm pitch.

Virtual CD Image
A Virtual CD Image is an ISO-formatted directory database that indicates how files will be arranged on your CD. The image contains pointers to where those to-be-recorded files actually reside on your drives, while the actual contents of the files or directories are still on the original storage media.

It also refers to a database of files to be written to CD with Easy-CD Pro for Windows 95, created by dragging & dropping files into the main window. It can be used to write directly to CD "on-the-fly" or to record a real ISO 9660image to hard disk.

Virtual Memory
Method of using hard disk space to provide extra memory. Simulates additional RAM. In Windows, the amount of virtual memory available equals the amount of free RAM plus the amount of disk space allocated to the swap file. In Macintosh System 7, virtual memory is controlled in the Memory Control Panel. The default setting is twice the amount of RAM in the machine. However, the amount of RAM plus the amount of virtual memory TOGETHER is the amount of disk space you must allocate. For example, if you have 4 MB of RAM and set virtual memory at 8 MB, 12 MB of disk space is allocated.

Virtual Memory
Space on a hard disk that can be used as if it were RAM.

Virtual Reality (VR)
An emerging technology that attempts to fully immerse the user in an interactive computer generated environment. VR is rather ill-defined, but focuses on a more complex interaction with the computer, featuring at least 3D interactive video.

VL-Bus (VLB)
VESA Local Bus. A 32-bit local bus promoted by VESA for communicating directly to the CPU rather than through the ISA or EISA bus.

Video RAM is special-purpose memory used by video adapters. Unlike conventional RAM, VRAM can be accessed by two different devices simultaneously. This enables a monitor to access the VRAM for screen updates at the same time that a graphics processor provides new data.  VRAM yields better graphics performance but is more expensive than conventional DRAM. Some accelerators use conventional DRAM, but others use a special type of video RAM (VRAM), which enables both the video circuitry and the processor to simultaneously access the memory.


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