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SCSI Terminology  

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Object code
Software instructions that are compiled as an intermediate step between source code and binary code.

On the Fly
To write on-the-fly means to write to CD data referenced in a virtual image without first writing a real ISO 9660 image.

Operating System
The system software. A program that organizes the internal activities of the computer and its peripheral devices. An operating system performs basic tasks such as moving data to and from devices, and managing information in memory. It also provides the user interface.

There are a number of different operating systems, which have different design philosophies, provide different facilities, and have different looks and feels. Among popular operating systems are MacOS, MS-DOS, the various incarnations of Windows, Unix in its various flavors, OS/2, etc. Option Also called parameter in MS-DOS. Parameters are used to control how a command is carried out. Typically a parameter starts with a slash. For example to format a disk as 720K in a high density drive, you would issue the format command with the f parameter format /f720.

Optimum Power Calibration Area
(OPC Area) The optimum calibration area is a special area near the center of the recordable disc. Before writing a track on a disc, the CD recorder must adjust the amount of power applied to the writing laser for the optimum level for the mounted disc. The optimum calibration area is reserved for this purpose.

A binary operation that compares two bits and yields a 1 if at least one of the bits being compared is set to 1, as shown in the table below.

1st Bit 2nd Bit Result
0 0 0
1 0 1
0 1 1
1 1 1

Orange Book of CD
The Philips/Sony specification for Compact Disc Magneto-Optical (CD-MO) and Write-Once (CD-WO) systems - in other words, the Physical format for re-cordable CDs.

CD-MO (magneto-Optical)
CD-WO (Write-Once; includes "hybrid" spec for PhotoCD)
CD-RW (Re-Writable)

Operating System/2. A multitasking and multithreading operating system developed by IBM and originally Microsoft for use on the 80x86 computers. OS/2 Warp is the current version of OS/2, and has received attention as a possible replacement (and improvement) for both DOS and Windows since it can run DOS, Windows, and OS/2 applications.

OS/2 Warp
The current version of OS/2.

Open Systems Interconnect, a series of protocols produced by the ISO. Largely obsolescent.

Time lost during an operation due to error checking or other tasks that hinder the completion of the operation.

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